Printable Permits, Licenses, & Forms


 Animal License Application

Please print, complete, and bring to City Hall or drop in the drop box along with updated rabies forms and your payment. We will then mail you your tags. Tags are $5.00 each for spayed and neutered pets. For unspayed or unneutered pets, the price is $7.50.

Please have your animals tagged before March 31st to avoid fines.

 Boating Permit

You may print and fill out a boating permit form to bring to City Hall or put in the drop box along with your payment. If using the drop box, please make sure to include your mailing address so we can mail you a boating sticker.

 Building Permit

In order to build a new structure, or add to an existing structure, a building permit application must be made to City Hall, and receive approval by the City Council. There is a fee of $10.00 due along with an application, and shall be refunded if declined. Below, you will find a printable application that you may complete and turn in to City Hall in person. There is also a link to our Building Code Article (Ch. 4 Article 2) of the Code of The City of Madison. 

Please attach a drawing of your plans to the application.

 Demolition Permit

Any person, business or other entity demolishing, razing or removing and building or structure within the city limits of Madison, Kansas, shall comply with the requirements of our ordinance and obtain a demolition permit from the City. In order to obtain a demolition permit, all public utilities need to be disconnected and the sewer, water, and gas shall be capped. A city official will need to inspect the location to ensure everything has been disconnected. A demolition permit is free of charge. For more information, please read Chapter 4 Article 8 of the City Code.