Main Street Mommas

Building a safe and friendly community
Building a safe and friendly community

Founded on September 30th, 2015. 

Mission: To build a safe and friendly community. 

Main Street Momma’s Goals:
• Clean yards and public areas
• A safe and updated park
• Updated baseball fields
• Provide a place for youth to gather 
• Promote businesses in Madison and encourage new businesses
• Plan and organize community events

"Main Street Mommas is a group of moms who have come together to work on planning events and projects to help better the Madison community. We have a lot of ideas that we are very excited to put into action but as all things we are starting small and building up as we go. Our main goal is to build a safe and friendly community through sponsored events and revitalization projects. As time goes on and our research is more complete we will be sharing more of our ideas with the public. We are extremely excited about the prospect of building up the Madison community and sharing our love of our hometown with our children and all of you!"