Animal Control

If you are missing an animal, or would like to report a loose animal, please contact our Animal Control Officer, Kallie Williams, at 620-437-6426. You can also email

You may also submit a report online. Thank you!


Pitbulls and pitbull mixes are not allowed in the City of Madison.

The City of Madison requires all cats and dogs over four months of age to be registered and tagged annually. Their rabies shots must be current. If an animal is too young to have their required rabies shots in order to get tagged, please bring them in as soon as they are of age. Applications may be completed at City Hall or you can print the form to fill out and bring into City Hall or drop in the drop box. If you are using the drop box, please include proof of current rabies vaccinations and your payment. We will then mail you your tags. 

Tags are $5.00 each for spayed and neutered pets. For unspayed or unneutered pets, the price is $7.50.

You must have proof of current rabies shots in order to receive tags. 

Please have your pets tagged before March 31st to avoid fines.

We also like to take pictures of tagged pets for our records. This is another way for us to identify lost animals. If you are interested in having your pet's photo on file, please bring them in with you when you register them.

You can click here to check out more information in our City Code under the Animals section.